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We are all ready to get back out there after all the COVID cancellations!

From Acoustic Duos to Private Parties and Weddings to Full On Rock Shows!

I have over 20 years experience and over 2000 gigs under my belt.

I started doing sound while being a guitar player in a cover band.  I received many compliments on the bands sound and was asked if I could provide my system for other bands.  It didn't take long for me to realize I could do more gigs as a sound guy than a guitar player.  As the years went by my gear grew and I learned more and more.  Soon I was doing 80 to 100 gigs a year.
I have great gear, JBL, CROWN, PRESONUS, and SHURE.
Let me help take your gig to the next level.
Call, text or, email for pricing

*LED lighting also available
After watching to many bands playing in dark corners of bars or clubs, I started providing lighting.  I quickly learned how to program DMX lighting and began providing a light "SHOW" to my sound production.  Great lighting sets the mood and enhances the energy. 


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